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What our Colors Represent


The Celtic Cross

The Cross is a sign of protection. The Cross has eight points which stand for Gallantry, Sympathy, Perseverance , Loyalty, Tact, Observation,
Dexterity, Explicitness. The circle that encompasses the cross represents infinity and has no end.

Celtic or Endless knot

The knots show an inter-twining of wisdom and compassion. They represent the interplay and interaction of opposing forces,
leading to their union, and ultimately to harmony. Since the knot has no beginning or end it also symbolizes infinity.

Two Swords

The swords represent strength. The swords also represent reason - as in "cutting through" through the B.S. in a problem in order to leave only the
relevance. There are two swords to show both the coming together of two Clubs and the coming together of the two sexes. The double-edges of the swords serve
as a symbolic message that we are capable of allowing temperance and even-mindedness to be the ruler of our reality.

The Colors Copper and Black

Copper is a conductor and enhances energy and healing. Black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge
and disappear once again. Black also symbolizes self-control and resilience.

 Dilis Go Bas 

The Gaelic phrase translates into English as “True until death”. True means “loyal” and it also means “without deviation”.

These meanings describe the holders of the Patch and the purpose of the Edge MC.

 For purposes of explaining this part of our colors, Dilis Go Bas will mean “Loyal until death”.